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Why Men Visit the Doctor Less Than Women

A recent study by Cleveland Clinic highlighted the fact that there is a gender gap when it comes to medical care. Of the men they surveyed, 65 percent said they avoid going to the doctor as ...
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Five Tips to Prepare for a Healthier School Year

The start of school comes with a fair amount of preparation. Here are five valuable tips to ensure a healthier school year!

For parents of school-aged children, the start of school comes with a fair amount of preparation. New clothes, shoes, and school supplies are purchased to prepare students for a successful year of learning. Amidst all the traditional items, it’s easy to overlook preparing their physical well-being as they enter a new year.  Now that school is back in session, here are five valuable tips to ensure a healthier school year!


  1. Ensure prescriptions are up-to-date and filled.

Medications can get expensive, but the generic version can help lower your costs dramatically. If your child has medication, be sure to update and fill new prescriptions for the school nurse. When bringing the medication to school, ensure your child’s full name and homeroom teacher is included, as well as what dosage should be given, when it should be administered and any other important notes (i.e. with/without food or water).


  1. Get your young athlete a physical.

All student athletes are required to get a physical sports exam before they can participate. Why not get ahead of the game and get one now? These exams can be very valuable in determining any potential risks on existing injuries or medical conditions, as well as evaluate the function of vital organs such as the heart and lungs.


  1. Bring back the bedtime routine.

During the summer, kids are staying up and sleeping in a little later. Which is why it’s important that back to school preparation brings a healthier sleep routine. According to the National Sleep Foundation, school-aged children (6-13 years) are recommended 9-11 hours of sleep and teenagers (14-17 years) are recommended 8-10 hours.


  1. Stock up on healthy snacks.

While closets and backpacks are getting filled for the start of the school year, make sure the pantry does too! Throughout the school year, keep healthy snacks on-hand to ensure children are getting essential nutrients in their diet. Find out which fruits and vegetables they love to keep them stocked! Here is a list of other healthy snacks to try as well.


  1. Healthcare2U members, save (800) 496-2805 for non-emergency health-related circumstances.

There’s no doubt that at some point, your child may get sick or a minor injury this school year. With Healthcare2U’s unlimited and immediate services, you don’t have to worry – bilingual medical assistants are only a phone call away! Acute illnesses are promised as same or next-day appointments and a prescription can easily be filled over the phone, if necessary.


Preparing for the new school year can be exciting and stressful, and while Healthcare2U can’t help with school supplies and carpooling – we are here to make your family’s healthcare convenient and more affordable. Our Direct Primary Care services help you save money through unlimited doctor office visits and unlimited 24/7/365 telehealth. At $10 a visit, members receive access to guaranteed same or next-day office appointments at $10 a visit, unlimited 24/7/365 telehealth at $0 out-of-pocket cost, and chronic disease management for 13 prevalent disease states for $10 per visit. In the event you have questions or concerns, a physician can guide you and your family through steps toward a healthier lifestyle!